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Guest House “Claudia” works since 2007 and it is an integral segment of hotels in Kaliningrad. Our guest house is situated in the green and calm district of the city so we can offer our guests very comfortable accommodation and rest. Architecture and layout of our district emphasizes the harmonious relationship between old Königsberg and new Kaliningrad. Lots of Kaliningrad hotels and attractions of the old Königsberg are situated quite close to our guest house. 

Good urban and suburban transport service allows you to travel to any part of the city without any guide. So you'll be able to visit numerous museums, parks and squares which were created in the days of East Prussia. Besides all this you can always reach the pearl of the Baltic Coast – towns of Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. And it will take you less than one hour. Above the significant historical heritage, Kaliningrad is a modern European city, where you can find numerous trade and business centers with qualitative and diverse shopping, as well as a leisure evening activities in one of the clubs and restaurants.

Kaliningrad is a unique Russian city which due to its proximity to Europe has adopted the best traditions of Europe, while preserving its Russian individuality, which you can find out more by visiting one of the traditional celebrations in Kaliningrad.


+7 (4012) 58-43-51

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